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Nov 6, 2008

Bulyaw Mariguen, a Cuyonon Band

If Kapampangans have their RocKapampangan, Cebuanos have their Bisrock, Warays have La Familia or Exoduce, Cuyonons from the little island of Cuyo, Palawan have Bulyaw Mariguen.

The term Bulyaw Mariguen is the local term for a game similar to hide-and-seek. It is also the name of the first Cuyonon band to make songs in the Cuyonon language (a language spoken on the coast of Palawan and the Cuyo Islands), which are rocking the radio waves of Palawan.

Check out Midyo Kano Lamang (Maski Ano Lang), Bisara Y Lola (Pagalit ni Lola), Sa Marayeng Lugar (Sa Malayong Lugar), and Ploning, Adin Ka Ren (Ploning, Where Are You?) as appetizers for a full 16-track album coming this December (yet to be confirmed).

Bulyaw Mariguen consists of Thopz Perez (vocals), Franz Abid (lead guitars), Philip Abid (drums), and Popoy Dela Torre (bass).

cuyonon - midyo kano lamang - bulyaw mariguen

Jocelyn Fabello, correspondent

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

da best tlaga ang bulyaw mariguen..

gudwork tito topz,nong popoy,nong franz ang nong lip..

iba ang cuyunon!!


-lheajane bagona
batang kamalay
taga cabigsing