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Nov 3, 2008

Thavawenyoz, Pride of Davao and Bisaya Music

Out of everyday-life ghettos and the ever changing urbanity, from what Dabawenyos call home hails a tandem that will conquer your senses and ravish you to your seats. Brandishing their acts to the hip hop and RnB groove, they're breaking into your audio waves to bring you their message that rightfully speaks of their collective name: Thavawenyoz.

The rap duo consist of Jay L AKA Mista Silenza, who was called such because their songs are like shots from silencer guns; you'll never know when he's going to hit you, but when he does, you can't escape. You'll surely stop and listen to his voice and music.

Boone AKA Barbaric of Nation (B.O.N.) meanwhile says he is devoted to his songs and will still struggle to the battlefield of their chosen career in the rap industry. And listening to their voice will surely grab people's attention.

Station after station, the duo is on a roll—creating music that ordinary people can easily relate to and identify with. Their songs became radio favorites and they have been receiving requests and invitations to perform in various places within and outside Davao City. They had already performed with nationally renowned artists, too. With great response from the listeners, the group captured again the taste of the people with the song Roger that is gradually gaining a following.

Thavawenyoz also landed a contract with Alpha Records, and it is the first time ever in history for a rap duo from Davao City to have a nationally-released album.

Their album consists mostly of songs in the Visayan language; other songs, which compose about 3%, are in Taglish.

In 2006, they were awarded by the prestigious Awit Awards with the title Best Regional Recording. Last 2007, they won Best Hip Hop Artist in 1st Mindanao Music Awards.

These two aspiring talents prove that Dabawenyos themselves can make their own name in the music industry, with the fusion of talent, good attitude toward the people, fear of God, and killer melodies.

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