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Nov 14, 2008

Mally and Moro Alternative Rock Music

Aside from the institutionalized dominance of Tagalog and English OPM, the highly Christian Luzon and Visayas islands probably are also ignorant of the fact of this genre called Moro Pop, which is seeing development in the urban parts of Mindanao. While Moro Pop is ruled by Datu Khomeini (in the Maguindanao language), it is safe to say that Moro alternative rock music in the Maranao language is ruled by Mally Solaiman and his band. Altogether, they are known simply as Mally.

Who is Mally? A proud Muslim from Marawi City, Lanao Del Sur, Mally joined Pinoy Idol but failed to be part of the Top 24. According to him, after failing, he felt more challenegd to achieve his dream of having Maranao songs recognized not only locally but internationally.

Personally counted as one of Mally's achievements is his first hit single Aya, the very first Maranao song to become a hit in Boracay (number one for two weeks @ Yes FM Bora last January 2008).

"Because of that big achievement," he states, "I believe in my dream more. It will happen if we Moros will help one another. Salamualaikom!" As his Friendster shouts out: Maranao Songs in the world? It's not impossible!

With extreme fervor for the recognition of Maranao songs, Mally indeed is one the Moro's and the country's gems in genuine multilinguistic Philippine music.


TIBO said...

,i am tibo sna maabot mo ang dream mo wlng imposible sa pangarap libre mangarap tau mga moro mag tulohan tau tulohan natin ci acmali solaiman na sumikat sa manila hinde lang sa bora pati na sa boung manila.. Ehe?,,,,,

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