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Jan 25, 2009

Kapampangan B/W short film 'Ing Bangkeru'

Last Thursday and Friday, Kalalangan Kamaru screened Ing Bangkeru (The Boatman), directed by yours truly. It is a Kapampangan short film that is a screen adaptation of an anonymous Kapampangan ballad of the same title.

Having a lot of long takes, being in black and white, and having an unconventional (philosophical) story line, I was expecting the audiences to get bored by it.

Last Thursday, we went to Systems Plus College Foundation in Balibago, Angeles City and screened all of our works, including the first episode of Kalam, to all the 4th year high school students.

Surprisingly, Ing Bangkeru was able to keep up, as the students not only appreciated it -- they enjoyed it. They understood the story very well and cheered, hollered for the clever boatman when he was owning the arrogant student. There were two screenings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; the reactions of both batches were just the same.

Then, Last Friday, Brillante Mendoza's award-winning Kapampangan film Kaleldo had two runs at the Holy Angel University Theater. Serving as front act was Ing Bangkeru. I watched (even paid a ticket), majorly only to check out the reactions of the audience to our short film.

Boy, were my assistant director Diego and I ecstatic with the audience reaction! They enjoyed it as well, and their reaction was like an exact copy of the reaction of the students from Systems Plus. The difference, the HAU Theater has 1000 seating capacity. That makes 2000 individuals (because it had two runs, and the theater was full in both runs), and to see them applaud for our short film in spite of its strange treatment, it was very heartwarming. As Diego stated: maybug kung gumaga (I want to cry).

Haven't watched it yet? Here:

Jan 14, 2009

Ilonggo short: Webcam Diary

To expand the content of Archipelago Music, we will also be featuring independent films, especially short ones, from the regions, using the local language.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is already seeing Philippine Cinema in a different manner, as film scenes from the regions are beginning to emerge, especially in Mindanao where annually, they hold a Mindanao film fest.

For a start, allow me to post this Ilonggo short film called Webcam Diary.

A short film starring WIT Teatro Primiero Members: Roque John Latosa, Mary Grace "Meg" Bonita, and Joylene Legaspi. Shown during Western Institute of Technology's 44th Annual Cultural Contest. Script developed by the actors themselves.

Jan 9, 2009

1622 - Unang Usbor, Banton Band

This is a traditional Asi song performed live on May 6, 2008 during the launch of the new Banton-based musical band, 1622 - Unang Usbor. Read more about 1622 in

The Asi language is a Visayan language spoken, along with the Romblomanon and Onhan languages, in the province of Romblon, Philippines. The language is also known as Bantoanon, Calatravanhon, Odionganon, Sibalenhon, Simaranhon, and Bisaya.

Specifically, it is spoken on the following islands within Romblon:
:: Tablas: the municipalities of Odiongan and Calatrava, situated respectively on the western and northern parts of the island.
:: Banton: the island's sole municipality of Banton.
:: Simara: the island's sole municipality of Corcuera.
:: Maestre de Campo (also known as Sibale): the island's sole municipality of Concepcion.