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Jan 9, 2009

1622 - Unang Usbor, Banton Band

This is a traditional Asi song performed live on May 6, 2008 during the launch of the new Banton-based musical band, 1622 - Unang Usbor. Read more about 1622 in

The Asi language is a Visayan language spoken, along with the Romblomanon and Onhan languages, in the province of Romblon, Philippines. The language is also known as Bantoanon, Calatravanhon, Odionganon, Sibalenhon, Simaranhon, and Bisaya.

Specifically, it is spoken on the following islands within Romblon:
:: Tablas: the municipalities of Odiongan and Calatrava, situated respectively on the western and northern parts of the island.
:: Banton: the island's sole municipality of Banton.
:: Simara: the island's sole municipality of Corcuera.
:: Maestre de Campo (also known as Sibale): the island's sole municipality of Concepcion.

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