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Nov 28, 2008

Exoduce and Waray Hip Hop

Hip hop and band music are often the primordial musical genres of non-dominant pop cultures because they are theoretically easier to make than pop music, which requires great technology, marketing, bureaucracy, and funds (such as Jay Chou of Taiwan and Britney Spears of USA).

That is why in the regions of the Philippines, pockets of hip hop and rock are prevalent.

When it comes to Waray hip hop, the rap group La Familia of South Bound Entertainment from Tacloban City is most famous. One member, Exoduce (Rey Pacanan in real life), also stands out in his own right with his series of hot tracks, one of which is "Waray La Gihap Iba."

The song became the number one Song in M.O.R. Daily Top10 and the No.1 Song in M.O.R. Weekly Top20 Countdown for 5 Weeks. It also entered Love Radio's Kwatro Kantos Countdown.

La familia, even though singing in Waray, conquers the airwaves of both the Waray and Visayan-speaking regions, proving to the rest of the Filipinos that music is a universal language.

The album of La Familia titled "Ikaduha Nga Sumat" has 14 tracks:

# Ikaduha nga Sumat
# Bro
# Diskudal
# Salisi feat. Banal of GreenPeace
# Radio
# Waray na gud iba
# Gugma Ba?
# Problema
# 053 pt. 2 (Panhuna-huna panahon na…)
# 284 (Tikang han magbulag kita)
# Iba Gad
# Bulos (Remix) feat. Mad Clown
# La Solidaridad feat. Waray Batazan, Kid Mob, TNT, TBS, Flipside, EOM, ETS, TST, Supremo, KKK
# Outro

Visit to hear more of their music.

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