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Nov 21, 2008

Mernuts: A Taste of Kapampangan Pop

Mernuts consists of Jhaye Arzaga (vocals), Chao Chua (vocals and guitars), Paeng Sabado (bass), Jun Catacutan (lead guitars), and Jay Salazar (drums).

Mernuts is a rap-RnB-funk Kapampangan band. A dance floor full of sweaty people is always the goal once the band sets in motion and they will stop at nothing to make sure that happens. The band's material successfully combines elements from many styles of popular music with one common theme; it all makes you feel entertained—urban Kapampangan style!

This band from Tarlac City, made a small but significant contribution to the RocKapampangan album with their single and original composition Aliwa Kang Talaga.

Formed in 2007, they fondly translate famous hit RnB songs into the Kapampangan language. The very famous Irreplaceable of Beyonce was translated by two members of the band (Jhaye and Chao) became a hit on YouTube and has drawn people’s attention.

The rest of their original Kapampangan translations such as, Taksil (Rihanna’s Unfaithful), Payung (Rihanna’s Umbrella), E Na Ku Kikiak (Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry) also gathered a lot of comments and admiration from their YouTube followers.

This spirited, fresh new English-Kapampangan band worked so hard in order to pursue their aim that is to bring smiles to other people’s faces. With their ability to make music, they have composed English songs, Hear Me, Alice, It Should Be You and the newest song Oras which will be used in Kalam (a Kapampangan TV series) for its closing song. Their songs address the joys of womanhood, with staunch advice on how to treat errant boyfriends.

The music video of Oras is currently played regularly on MTV Pilipinas’ “Tong Hits” OPM show. It’s the first Kapampangan music video to penetrate MTV.

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