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Dec 13, 2008

Zamboanga's Chabacano Band, Comic Relief

OCM is OPM! Original Chavacano Music is Original Pilipino Music!

Ruling the airwaves of Zamboanga City is Comic Relief, a local band that writes and performs original compositions in the Chabacano Philippine language. To Filipinos ignorant of this seemingly-Spanish language called Chabacano, be fooled not. Zamboanga's mother language is not a dialect of Spanish, as it's not mutually intelligible with the Spanish languages.

Here is an article I found related to Comic Relief and the emerging OCM scene:

Councilor Gerky Valesco, in his support to Original Chabacano Music (OCM) is encouraging young musicians and artists to make use of the Chabacano language in their artistic attempts.

Valesco’s reiteration of support came as he was tapped by young musicians to direct the first major concert of “Comic Relief”, an all Zamboangueno band whose power rock ballad “Cuando” is enjoying commercial success since the song is one of the top ten most requested songs in the city’s many FM stations.

“I am happy that there is an upsurge of Chabacano materials in music and in poetry. This is indeed a welcome development which shows how special and how vibrant Chabacano is”. Valesco said.

Zach Quijano, composer and leader of ‘Comic Relief’ band said they have already engaged in series of talks with Valesco requesting the alderman from Santa Maria to be the director of their first major concert slated on December 16, 2008.

“We want Sir Valesco to direct our show owing the fact that Valesco has been supportive to music and arts. We also know that Sir Gerky, is very much down to earth, and has been responsible in helping organized many of the concerts in Zamboanga,” Quijano said.

Quijano said that since last August they have been meeting with Valesco regarding their desire to have their songs promoted. Last September, Valesco brought CD samplers to some FM stations in Manila and to some executives of recording labels.

Quijano said besides, their reason for requesting Valesco to help them because according to them Valesco understands them better since Valesco is also an artist. “We’re comfortable with him (Valesco) because he knows the circuit and he knows the plight of the artists,” Quijano said.

Valesco, prior to his political career has been a director and organizer of many concerts. He has directed the show of Jose Mari Chan, Armarie Saavedra, Revelation Band, Marc Velasco, and many others. Valesco also organized the shows of David Pomeranz, Rossana Roces, and the Lettermen last July.

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